Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Experience in cbs school

Experience in cbs since 4 yrs!
When I 1st entered CHIRANJEEV BHARATI SCHOOL sushant lok-1,gurgaon, I came across a new atmosphere because i had come from a different background from hissar "VYAPAR MANDAL VISHVAS SCHOOL". There I was very friendly with my friends and teachers.
They helped me every time in my difficulties and gave me an opportunity to do something new. They always appreciated my efforts when i came here, I hesitated that how should i make new friends? How would the teachers react towards me? I was totally taken a back with surprise; everyone was extremely polite to me. Teachers and students were very cooperative and helped me in improving my vocabulary. Now, I am a confident speaker. In class 10, teachers like BHARATI MAAM etc. helped me to work hard and guided me at every step for which i would like to thank and appreciate them. After that life took a sharp turn. in class xith , I enjoyed a lot and would like to give credit to MRS. AHLUWALIA for building up my confidence by giving me many responsibilities and having faith in me. I had lot of interest in operating computer but I was unable to show.
MR. ANIL SHARMA (UNILRN) came out such with wonderful activities in which i participated. I won 1st prize. That was a wonderful day for me. Principal ma'am rewarded me with the prize for which I was applauded. Teachers inspired me a lot in cbs. I'm thankful to our principal ma'am who with her charming persona and gave me opportunities to move ahead.
Hats off to her! And the teachers!


  1. hey its a nice post
    i also miss cbs a bit
    i hav been thr for 8 yrs............... so its obvious

    n for ur blog its nic

    but make it a litl more clorful
    n do formatting

  2. ya thnx for giving an advice..i'll do it for sure:)