Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day..


If I'm strong,

it's because you've shown me how to handle problems

without being overwhelmed by them.

If I'm gentle,

it's because you held me close when I was sad

and quietly waited with me while life leveled out.

If I use my sense of humor,

it's because you've taught me to laugh

and keep life's challenges in perspective.

If I am independent and confidant,

it's because you let me know that it was all right

to have my own thoughts and make my own choices.

If I am compassionate,

it's because you have shown me the importance of caring

about people rather than possessions.

If I am loving and passionate,

it's because you have shown me your love through all the

ups and downs of growing up and growing


I'll try never to forget that the best parts of me are from you.


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