Monday, July 11, 2011


It seems a very simple word i.e. "ANGER" but exactly it leaves a terrible/Disastrous Expression. It basically means an emotion related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, unhealthy etc. Anger issues can arise for a number of reasons for example, if you are working on a project but confused what, how and when to do it .Thus, it makes you angry by which you are unable to concentrate on your project and so many problems arises and you start yelling at others and behaving badly which destroys your personality in front of other people in office as well as home.

It effects both positively and negatively. Thus, positively correlates such as increased heart rate, high or low blood pressure , respiration increase and the skin perspires etc. Therefore, Health related correlates such as headache, depression, heart attack and abdominal pain. There are different faces of anger like exhausted, tired, devious, annoyed, grumpy, hyper and scared etc. which hurt our health and makes us unhealthy. The anger can be good as well as bad. It is good as it allows us to concentrate on our goal and we do work more faster than before .It is bad because it poison our system in many ways.
For e.g. In a group, if you are unable to focus on what’s happening as something is making you angry and you start blaming others for not completing the work then it will harm you only. Therefore, people can stop interacting with you or will not ask for your suggestions and would not rather to go out with you.

There are many techniques to control the anger.
1) Talk to a doctor
2) Consult the counsellor.
3) Talk to your loved ones.
4) Forgive and forget what happened in past. Just concentrate on the upcoming events to make it colourful.
5) Keep a diary and try to recognise your strong and weak points that why, when and how do you get anger? What’s the reason behind it? Is it taking you ahead to lead a successful life or stopping you from experiencing new things in Life?

I would rather suggest doing Meditation, Yoga and exercising which helps in controlling THE ANGER and makes us calm by which we will be able to enjoy our happy healthy life. So, be HAPPY always to live a fruitful life.


  1. Suggestions are easy to give, more problems and stress in life or family or at work, anger will be associated with the person making life unhappy.

  2. yes .we should ignore those things which makes us unhappy.