Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Every time I always plan to wake up early in the morning but when my alarm rings at 5:00 am, I always hit that snooze button and sleep again until I have some really important work to do. But on my tour to Hong Kong and Macau, staying in Cruise for 2 days,i.e. 14th September, 2015; I realized not to miss the chance to wake up early and watch “Sunrise” as the sun rises there around 5:45 am and it looks really beautiful to watch it from there. 

Even after sleeping late, I woke up early next morning at 5 am and got freshen up quickly. So, I didn't want to miss it. I was excited a lot and made my parents woke up too. But my mother didn't and she wasn't ready to sacrifice her sleep on that day but my father woke up and went along with me on the Deck 7 in Cruise from where it was easy for us to experience the sun rise. Early morning is a great time to appreciate the wonders of the nature. As it was really dark at 5:15 am there and the wind was very fast that we were feeling freezed. Everything seems to be very calm and serene. We were noticing the water waves and it was a beautiful view as there was water everywhere. It is 5:45 am by now but the sun hasn't risen yet. We saw a small orange color dot at 5:55 am and what we see now, the sun has risen up. I do remember a Quote written by Ben Franklin - “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Waking up early morning doesn't only help us in getting out of bed. But the other benefits are:

 • Improves our productivity
 • Sufficient time to exercise
 • Breathing fresh air 
 • Plan the day better
 • Develop a positive Mental Attitude etc.

Picture: Star Virgo Cruise in Hongkong 

These above mentioned benefits are not only physical but also mental. I am sure, now you would also like to start your day little early from your daily routine. 

The day has became a memorable one for me and I really feel glad whenever I think of it. I really would like to start watching sunrise again; it gives me the feeling of being energetic. But believe me; Waking up at 5 am is not for everyone. Obviously, if you've night shift or working till late night. So, it becomes difficult to wake up early the next day. I'm not asking to wake up at 5 am but yes once in a week, we can. My message here is; to wake up at the time you’re comfortable but after waking up and making your body little active after exercising; set up a daily routine in a manner that you know what you’ve to do the whole day. It’s really important to feed the mind everyday with the positive thoughts. So, friends let’s gear up and make a proper schedule and follow it every day. I’m putting an effort for the same from today now onwards. Are you?
 “My sun sets to rise again.”- Robert Browning

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